Debra Lynn Professional Gel Removal Wraps – 30 Per Roll

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Product Description

Roll of Gel Removal Wraps – 30 Pcs Ensure an easy gel polish removal with these Gel Nail Removal Wraps. Simply cut as needed, soak wrap with desired removal fluid, and wrap onto fingers to let set. Roll includes 30 wraps for your spa or salon needs. 30 x 4′ Pieces Simple Application and Disposal Instructions: 1. Using a scissor, cut a 4′ piece from the roll2. Thoroughly saturate the wrap with acetone 3. Apply the cotton pad on the nail, tightly wrap the rest around the finger 4. Leave on for 10 minutes to soak off the gel or acrylic 5. Gently pull off the wrap and use a wood stick or cotton swab to remove the remaining product


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