Halloween Nail Art Water Tattoo Decals, 5 Packs Variety Mix by La Demoiselle

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With our tattoos you will have gorgeous nails to match the season. If you are a student with a tight schedule, busy stay at home mom, can’t paint or just do not want to pay a fortune at the salon – then these tattoos are a perfect solution for you! Water Tattoos are a fun way to add style or character to the nails without much effort. Tattoos work very well for someone with busy schedule or for those of us who are not very good with drawing designs. These will take few minutes to apply, yet the design will look like the painted art and feel smooth on the nail. They stay on nails for weeks and you will only want to remove them when your polish starts to wear off. How to apply: 1. Apply background color if desired and let it dry. 2. Cut out the desired pattern roughly, remove the film off the chosen design only and dip it into water for 10-20 seconds. 3. Moisten the fingernail, using tweezers gently put the sticker to the nail surface face up and press firmly. 4. Use soft towel to absorb excess water and blow dry if necessary. 5. Seal the Nail Tattoo with gel or with clear topcoat. If you are a true nail art fan CLICK Add To Cart NOW AND START CREATING ELEGANT NAIL DESIGNS IN A BREEZE


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