JK 16 pcs nail art Nail patch nail stickers nail foil Gold nails film

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New, 100% shiny, 2012 items! Absolutly revolutionary , easy to use nail art products! Nail Art Revolution!! Professional Results in Minutes! Do not need any Heating, or special dryers! Allow you to create GORGEOUS Nails in minutes! Save money & time going to nail salon. Do it yourself at home! All you need is : stickers, scissor, and few minutes of your time! In order to achieve perfect result, please follow below instructions: 1. After the nails trimmed, clean nails. 2. Select the appropriate type of nail size. 3. With a toothpick (or fingers) light from the tear, do not touch the adhesive part, take off the foil, the position of the arc-shaped nail aligned directly attached to the nail root. 4 pressed film. 5. With a massager, massage stick (or other suitable tool), from the nail root, on both sides to push forward, even with the pushing, the top of the nail should be a good push, handle the details surrounding that film complete with nails the nail, leaving gaps. 6. Extra nail polish with nail file film. 7. Complete. Features: 1. Nail foil luster, it improves the colored nail polish or GEL A drawback of a normal nail polish or GEL, colors are not showing proper reflective and smooth texture, and metallic Nail Sticker film is a veritable ‘laced with gold. 2. Quick and easy, no special skills you can nail yourself to complete the whole process. 3. Safety and environmental protection, in line with international quality standards, does not contain any harmful chemicals.


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