Lavish LED Gel Builder Clear 0.5oz (15g) One Phase Professional Salon Quality 30s Fast Curing Self-Leveling

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Color:Clear Allure Nail Art Lavish LED Gel Builder is made using the finest ingredient (in accordance with the regulation Of European Parliament and Council, EC) thus providing exceptional quality and long lasting results. The one phase gel was developed using the best products and combined with the right proportion of quality ingredient so that it could be used in a three-phase gel building process. The gel was created by the modern recipe that produces extremely durable polymer chains of gel mass. The appropriate alignment of the particles make the mass strong, flexible and at the same time provide good adhesion to both the tips and to the natural nail. Thanks to the unique formulation, cure time of the gel was reduced to 30 seconds on each phase (base layer, build layer, and finish layer) by using LED lamp or traditional UV lamp. Ideal for any type of nail plate and can be built on top of subsequent Purity UV gel such as Purity Bonder or Color Gel. It has superb adhesion to both, tip and natural nail plate with satisfying self-leveling properties. The last layer needs cleaning by nail cleaner for extra shine One phased gel simply means you can use the same gel in the three-phased process. Simply apply the same gel on the first, second, and third layer to complete the process. You can combine it with color gel for a touch of brilliance and creativity. Every layer needs to be cured for only 30 second under LED lamp or 36 watts UV light to get maximum results. The curing process for gels is very dependent upon the use of a high quality curing LED and UV bulbs. If a sub-standard lamp and bulbs are used to cure the gel, then the gel will not reach its maximum cure and as such will not be as strong or make it full adhesion potential. * Please note that the color view on your computer screen might look slightly different from the actual gel color


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