Mustache & Bow Tie Vinyl Nail Art Decal Stickers- 100 pcs

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Recommended Decal Instructions:1)Apply nail polish (skip this step if you want to wear these on bare nails), and let COMPLETELY DRY. *I find the best results are usually at least 5 hours later, or the following day. If used over wet nails the vinyl may warp.2)Carefully peel away vinyl decal from backing using tweezers. Some designs may require ?weeding? (removal of excess internal components). *You can use the weeded pieces in nail art as well!3) Holding the decal in your tweezers, place the design onto your nail in your desired location.4) Press down on the decal firmly (this is why wet polish is a not recommended) to avoid leaving gaps between the nail and vinyl.5)Apply a generous amount of topcoat over the design. (Or apply two coats). Thicker topcoats work better to prevent a raised surface on the nail.*Removal is easy and can just be done as you would remove your nail polish, acetone or nail polish remover.


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