Nail Art Foils Patch Polish Stickers – XFJU113 Nail Sticker Tattoo–FashionDancing

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1. Brush on a single layer of base coat and allow it to dry.2. Stroke one layer of your preferred polish over the base coat. Once dry, apply the second coat.3. Trim your nail decal to fit your nail and remove it from the design sheet.4. Rub over the design using an orangewood stick, and keep the backing on until finished. You’ll see the transfer is complete when the paper peels up without any decal on it.5. Peel off the sheet and examine your nails.6. Use your finger to press down any edges that haven’t adhered completely.7. File the edges of any nail decals that extend past the edge of your nails.8. Brush on a topcoat to protect your nail decal and allow it to dry


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